How It Works-(Videos)

How It Works-(Videos)

Ditanium Vapor Exclusive Features:

  • All-in-one vaporizer experience. Versatile titanium and quartz heater cover works with all herbs, liquids, or extracts.
  • Dual function carb-cap for low temperature pulls, and aromatherapy. Bowl area for essential oils, incense, and liquid fragrances.
  • Standard glass hand-piece can be used for hands free vaporization.
  • Optional quick screen change titanium hand-piece with glass handle. Glass handle allows hands-free when screen is not needed.
  • Mouthpiece is compatible with 14mm ground glass joints. Connects directly to rigs and water pipes.
StandStandard Grade 2 Titanium Set
Quick Change Grade 2 Titanium Hand-piece with Screen
Titanium mouthpiece/ water pipe adapter going into water pipe

This vaporizer works by pulling hot air over tobacco, to extract the oils and chemical components, while leaving behind the harmful tars associated with smoking. It also has a heated platform to directly place vape-liquids, for an all-in-one unit vaporizing experience! This product should only be used with USA federally legal substances. Examples include: tobacco, shisha, vape liquids,  and essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint.

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