Ditanium Vapor® All-in-one Vaporizer Enails have a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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    Proof-of-purchase or registration on our website is required.  We reserve the right to change our warranty policy without advanced written notice.  The most current policy will always be available at enailvaporizer.com.  Details are outlined below:

    • Vaporizers are warrantied from all manufacturers’ defects for a period of 2 year after purchase.  LEDS bulbs 90 for days.
    • In the unlikely event, you experience a problem with your vaporizer within the first 90 days of purchase, Ditanium Vapor® will pay for all shipping costs to get the unit to us and back to you, and immediately repair or send a new unit upon receiving the defective unit.  (Continental USA only, additional shipping fees may apply in your area.)
    • We do not warranty glass components or color changing/oxidizing of titanium.
    • We do not warranty damage or product abuse caused by the customer. Complete removal of  the heater cover from the housing will voided the warranty. 
    • If your unit is determined to have been damaged by dropping, misuse, or disassembly, we will ask you to pay a fee to repair and ship back to you even within the first 90 days of warranty period.
    • Do not send used hand or mouthpieces to us.  If you refer to the vaporizer for use with any illicit substances, we can refuse to honor the warranty for product misuse.  Careful what you mail and email please. 
    • Contact us at info@enailvaporizer.com or click here to initiate a warranty claim.

    Thank you again for purchasing a genuine Ditanium Vapor® All-In-One Enail and Vaporizer, please enjoy!

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