All-In-One Ditanium Vaporizers and Enails Made From Quartz, Titanium, Glass, and Hardwoods. Designed and Assembled In USA.




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Testimonials from Customers

Works great as vaporizer or enail and is very sturdy. Much heavier than I expected. The vapor is much denser than other vaporizers provide and the nail will get red hot. No product left over after the rip which was my main worry. Great versatility and super easy to use. Definitely recommend.
Stan- / Colorado Springs, CO
Love it, love it, I love it! It vapes so good and no more torch:)
Kristen- / Phoenix, AZ
Gives the best vapor hits ever when connected to the rig! I really like how to mouthpiece works as an adapter. There is no temperature readout so you have to get used to using it and obviously not portable. Even my buddy had to admit it works as well as his enail and won’t burn up the carpet. Keep up the great work guys!
Mike- / Eugene, OR
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